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Properties of low-dimensional electron systems at low-temperatures and/or at high magnetic fields are studied. We fabricate various one- and zero-dimensional systems in semiconductor nanostructures, and study the electronic properties: phase diagram of electronic states and spin-spin correlation effects such as Hund’s rule and the Kondo effect in artificial atoms, molecules and Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid effects in quantum wires and so on. Control of spin effects and its application to quantum computation are also interesting topic under investigation. We are developing a scanning probe technique available at low-temperature and high- magnetic field to monitor the spatial distribution of electronic density of states.


Post-doctoral researcher job openings at RIKEN detail
Post-doctoral researcher job opening detail
Spin Tech IX, Hukuoka, Jun. 4-8, 2017

EP2DS-22/MSS-17 Penn. State Uni., USA, Jul. 31-Aug. 4, 2017

28th Low Temperature Physics Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden, Aug. 9-16, 2017

Silicon Quantum Electronics Workshop, Hillsboro, USA, Aug. 18-20, 2017

7th Summer School(semiconductor quantum effect and quantum information), Shuzenji, Japan Aug. 27-29, 2017

JPS Meeting Sep. 12-15, 2017, Iwate University
Solid State Physics lecture note
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